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Zaplo loan for debt relief. Consolidation of pay-offs up to 10,000 for a period of 36 months. Change the payday loans to one installment.

Consolidation loan to pay off their payday loans

Consolidation loan to pay off their payday loans

If the informal leader among payday loans is VIVUS , then the Zaplo loan should be the leader among debt products for repayment of short-term liabilities. This is how the logic suggests – after all, Zaplo and VIVUS belong to one capital group, have one seat and are simply products from “one womb”.
Is Zaplo really as highly rated as VIVUS? Is it worth taking a loan at Zaplo and consolidating all the loans by turning them into a debt loan?

Consolidation of payday loans with one installment?

Consolidation of payday loans with one installment?

Zaplo loan as a payday consolidator works better than perfect. Provided that the sum of pay-offs for consolidation does not exceed PLN 10,000. That is the upper limit of the Zaplo loan and this amount of payday loans can be consolidated into one installment.

With such a loan, one joint installment will be less than PLN 820 . That’s a lot, let’s admit, but we’re talking about consolidating payday loans with a total value of 10,000. In this case, the installment of up to PLN 815.62 may turn out to be a salvation. Of course, there are people whose income does not allow for debts to be forgone by consolidation with the Zaplo loan. For them, we described other solutions to the problem called: how to pay off payday loans and have one installment (tip: loans for payday consolidation )

Does ZAPLO loan check BIK?

In this respect, the lender leaves no shadow of illusions. The Zaplo loan regulations clearly state that borrowed money can only be paid to the one who

[… received a positive assessment of credit on the basis of the information provided or the lender or credit intermediary Intermediary by the Borrower and the information obtained from the Offices of Economic Information, Credit Information Bureau of …]

Regulations Zaplo does not specify whether the lender checks the customer in each BIG or only in selected ones. There is a general statement about Economic Information Bureaus. And these are defined as all existing BIGs. It remains a matter of imagination and common sense whether Zaplo checks all databases (including, for example, KBIG) or only selected ones.

One thing is certain: Zaplo checks BIK . And it is not a loan without verification of databases. For those who are looking for something else, we recommend a set of 7 loans without checking BIK ( loans for people in BIK )

Is it worth taking a loan at Zaplo?

If in the portfolio of the “crush” of a payday with a repayable repayment date, and buying loan renewals has become a killing for your wallet – you should think about consolidation. Consolidation of payday loans into one loan is possible when someone offers a product for an amount not higher than the value of temporary liabilities.

Zaplo loan as an option for consolidation of small loans – payday loans solves the problem of people for whom debt relief is in the range of PLN 10,000.

Debt relief by a one-off repayment will allow you to exit the debt loop and stay with one Zaplo loan for PLN 10,000 to be repaid over two years.

Such consolidation will save more than one family from bankruptcy, loss of income (seizure) and many nerves. The Zaplo loan used as a debt consolidation is undoubtedly the solution for many only.

Credit holidays in Zaplo

Since the process of taking over the role of banks in front of the largest players in the loan market has been visible for many months, it should come as no surprise that they adjust their services to banking standards.

One of the elements taken over from banks are credit holidays in the case of debt loans for a longer period of time. Zaplo offers its clients the opportunity to take credit holidays. In practice, this means that you can postpone your installment payment once every six months. Thanks to such facilities, consolidation of payday loans and then paying off one installment becomes easier and safer.

ZAPLO loan – what is the installment made of?

Zaplo loan is intended for borrowers outside the banking system. As every loan of this type is burdened with much greater than average risk and it must necessarily have this impact on costs.

How much does the Zaplo loan cost and how much – using it for consolidation – will it cost to pay off the debts?

With a maximum loan amount of PLN 10,000 for a period of 24 months, the repayment will be almost twice as much. PLN 19574.80 – this will have to be paid back within 2 years. Therefore, the cost of consolidation of payday loans will amount to PLN 9574,80.

By paying a monthly installment in Zaplo, we will repay real money borrowed (ie capital) and other components (ie costs). The proportions will be as follows:

Zaplo loan: data and contact

Representative example for a loan not covered by the promotion: Actual annual interest rate (APRC) is 78.6%; total loan amount (excluding credited costs) PLN 5,000; variable interest rate of 10%, total loan cost PLN 5,898.24 (including: commission PLN 5,000, interest PLN 808.24); total amount to be paid PLN 10,808.24, payable in 36 monthly installments (35 installments PLN 300.23 and last installments 36 installments: 300.19). Calculation as at 01/10/2017. Granting a loan and postponing the repayment date depends on the applicant’s previous assessment of the applicant’s creditworthiness. Registration fee (refundable): 1 gr.

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